Yvolution Glider XL Deluxe Review

The scooters from Yvolution are some the best you can buy today for Kids.

Mainly because the people who started the company are a team of big kids who never grew up. They spent their childhoods racing home from school and heading out for endless hours of fun on our go-karts, roller skates, bikes, scooters anything with wheels!

In 2009, They grabbed life by the handlebars and partnered with a design company to sell their brand new balance bikes. They were an international success. They are now in over 40 countries around the world, from the US to Korea,

So when they launched the Yvolution Glider Xl Deluxe recently we couldn’t wait to take a look.

The great thing about the Yvolution Glider XL Deluxe is it has a unique lean-to-steer steering mechanism which helps the user to learn how to steer correctly, Which we think is brilliant news for kids learning. Perfect for first-time riders

It’s always hard when you buy a scooter for a child. Some children find it hard to pick up on what they need to do, But we found the Glider XL helped our youngest children who are aged 4 and 5 compared to what we’ve tried in the past. It’s built to be strong and looks like it could last forever. It’s by far the strongest looking scooter we’ve had so far.

The packing doesn’t do this thing justice. If the box was clear you would see how high quality this thing was.

I mean look how fantastic it looks, If you’re going to buy a scooter this year. Make sure you go and look at this, We promise you won’t be disappointed.

The Yvoultion Glider XL also has adjustable handlebars so as your child grows the scooter can too! (77cm to 88cm in height), It is suitable for aged three to eight years and up to 50kg.

It can be used indoors as well as outdoors and also Yvolution Scooters are a great way to help your little one develop their balance, co-ordination and other skills.

Also the new Y Glider scooter from Yvolution is the smartest Glider on the market yet! All of the Y Glider scooters now come with colourful wheel and deck inserts for the ultimate customized scooting experience, Again perfect for kids who love to play around and customize to how they want it.

It also has extra wide rear wheels and easy grip handlebars for stability.

As well as colour customization the new Glider refresh range also have adjustable steering! The patented lean-to-steer system can now be changed from loose to firm as the user progresses through the ranks, making Y Glider the go to scooter range for first time riders.

Another good thing about the Yvolution Glider XL Deluxe scooter is, It’s very easy to fold away by releasing the lever. It becomes compact and easy to put away behind the sofa or eleswhere and fantastic for taking away on holidays/road trips.

Yvolution also has a great range of safety accessories available to buy on their website, Which is also good for people who want to join the ‘Yvolution crew’ and build up their collection.


We were really impressed with the Glider XL Deluxe. And for sure it’s in a different league to most regular scooters. We would really love to build our collection in the future

It’s a decent price at a RRP of £69.99 and can last the little one for years. It’s great quality, Some of the best we’ve seen on a scooter/bike in fact.

It’s great to take away on holidays due to the fact it can be easy folded away and it’s perfect to put in the boot without taking up any space.

You can buy directly from You can buy directly from http://www.yvolution.com or  http://www.toysrus.co.uk/toys/ 

 Disclaimer: We was this item for an honest review. We were not paid and all views are our own.


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