Watch Season Two of Yo-kai on YouTube

VIZ Media Europe has announced that it is to partner up with YouTube Kids channel to launch YO-KAI WATCH season 2, the hit kids show to fans in the UK as early as June 9th.

Since launching two years ago, YouTube Kids has grown up a lot and become a go-to destination for families and Kids.

Nothing more natural for VIZ Media Europe to become one of the channel key partners with the new season of YO-KAI WATCH. The channel will stream 26 new episodes during the month of June. Each week will see a playlist of seven new episodes of the season 2 for kids to enjoy with the first playlist going live on June 9th.

What are you waiting for? Here is the Link to the channel:

Pascal J. Bonnet, Executive Director, VIZ Media Europe commented: “We are very glad to partner up with YouTube Kids for the month of June. We believe it will bring YO-KAI WATCH to a wider target audience and deliver a strong brand exposure across the UK”.

The news comes off the back of a successful new Nintendo game release in early April and the release of the Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble app at the end of March.

YO-KAI WATCH follows an average boy, Nate, who gets a special watch that empowers him to discover mysterious beings called Yo-kai, which cause little nuisances in daily life. Nate’s ongoing quest is to find out the reason for the Yo-kai’s mischievous behavior and talk them out of it. Series Two will continue his adventures and introduce new Yo-kai for fans to engage with.

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