Snuggle Up PregnancyPillows U Shaped Pillow Review

So you’re reading this because it’s likely you or your partner is pregnant or you’re just looking for a super-comfy Pillow to rest up.

We’re going to tell you why this is the perfect pillow for before and after pregnancy.

Well after three kids and numerous pregnancy Pillows we almost gave up on trying to find the right one. – We’re still on about Pillows by the way!

It’s lucky that we found the perfect Pregnancy Pillow from

We went to the website and picked the u-shaped-pillow , There were lots of choices but we wanted something that covers the front and back and looked the comfiest, of course, everyone is different and we think they know this because you can even pick the filling inside. We went for the Premium, And we even got to choose the colour, We went for purple same as our bedroom It’s coated with the aroma of lavender and has fairy beads inside and it’s only £45!

It arrived a few days later and it was packed perfectly but after unpacking first thing we said was WOW, The Pillow is HUGE!

The partner and myself were immediately fighting over it to have a go first!

Like I said above, We’ve had a few pregnancy pillows in the past and we’ve paid even over £50 for some of them from well-known mother/baby shops. But they always have lost shape after a week and we just haven’t felt the benefits of any of them.

To be honest we almost gave up on them. But with the Snuggle Up PregnancyPillows U Shaped Pillow, It’s been brilliant the only regret we didn’t get it from the start!

Because before the pillow the pregnancy would wake us up in the nights because of unable to get comfy. But now with the U Shaped Pillow by our side we’ve finally got a better night sleep.

We’ve had it for the third trimester of the pregnancy and now after birth.

The filling of the Fairy beads is perfect in our opinion, Fairybeads really do make a huge difference. Whenever you move your head, stomach, legs you can set the pillow to how you want to sleep because it actually bends and conform into whatever shape you want.

We really like the U-Shape pillow because it wraps around the body, resulting in a much-needed support when you’re pregnant.If you’re the sort of women that toss and turns with the U-Shape it will always be there no matter what side you lay.

Now i bet you’re wondering if it has a Removable & Washable cover right?

Well i think that the folks know well at Snuggle Up, All of their pillows come with a free removable and machine-washable case.

With a discreet zipper, all covers are removable and machine washable; ideal for life’s little accidents.

Now after the pregnancy is over. The pillow is still fantastic to us and we still use it every single day. 

Because even after having a baby you want to sleep well. Not only that though you can use it as a up-right pillow to help with feeding and back support.

Also, the little one finds it comfy too.



We’ve found the Snuggle Up PregnancyPillows U Shaped Pillow perfect for us, We would highly recommend it to other mums-to-be.
Like we said above in the review We’ve had many few pregnancy pillows in the past 10 years but nothing compares to this one,

Disclaimer: We was this item for an honest review. We were not paid and all views are our own.


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