Smiggle Pencil Case Review

Smiggle, the world’s hottest stationery brand, was born in 2003 and in 2014 Smiggle finally opened its doors in the UK,

It’s likely you’ve heard of them before or seen their shop in your main city.

They are the ultimate creators of colourful, fun, fashion-forward stationery.

The product range is now bigger and better than ever with some fantastic products and great designs and innovation, with some lovely bold colour, quirky graphics,

We were lucky enough to take a look into one of their best sellers. Pencil case of course!

We when for this colour and design.

but there is a huge number of Smiggle pencil cases available on their website.

It opens up into a few parts and comes with pens, pencils and lots more.

Smiggle comes at a price. But with price comes quality. From even a first glance you can tell Smiggle and more importantly right now this pencil case is built to last. Our oldest who is 9 has been taking this to school over the past two weeks and she said last week the colours are some of the best shes used.

Around the edges, it has three zips with each one opening, It has everything you’ll need for school or in the house.

With Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Punk, Green, Brown and more colours, Plus you get two pens, pencil, rubber, ruler, and sharpener

That’s not all they are all ‘Smiggle Design’ –

At the moment Smiggle has a sale on so you could grab yourself a bargain on some items.


We were really impressed with Smiggle and their Pencil case.

It’s definitely wanting us to build our collection and go and buy more. We’ve bought pencil cases at the start of a school year to only last a week, But Smiggle looks like it’s going to last a long time!

And with add-ons and lots of Smiggle stuff, you can just buy extras for when the pens/pencils run out.

Price : £10.00-£20 depending on design.

Age Range : Recommended 5 years+

Where to Buy: Available from Smiggle Stores and

Disclaimer: We was this item for an honest review. We were not paid and all views are our own.


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