Slither.IO Toy Range Review

Slither.IO…. You’ve all played it right?

It’s that game where you’re the worm that needs to survive long as possible. It’s on PC, Tablet, Phones … Pretty much every device you can think of, And it’s so big the app that has been downloaded over 150 million times

The game has also been out a long time now and has a massive following so it’s only right they brought out a range of toys for the fans.

We’re going to look at the following toy range Mini Squishies £3.99 3 Pack Bendable Slithers £10.99
Slither.IO Bendable Slither Figure Blindbag Assortment £3.99

First, let’s start with the Mini Squishies our favorite toy

They are Approx 8cm in length, But we were really surprised when opening them up they are big and super squishy.

Each orange box contains one mystery squishy slither for just £3.99 and the Skins are of course based on the wide selection of ‘skins’ from the award-winning game

Loaded with personality and portability, these colorful and highly collectible mini squishy Slithers would be the perfect stocking filler this Christmas. You won’t go wrong with a few of these!

Now let’s get on to the Slither.IO Bendable Slither Figure Blindbag Assortment,

You know every kid loves blind bags right? So it’s only right that brought out their own.

There are several styles available within this assortment and unfortunately, it is not possible to request which one you would prefer. But surely that’s the fun of blind bags right?

There are 15 to collect in series 1, And these ones are different to the Squishes they are Bendable and perhaps better for some kids.

There is also a super rare skin to find.

The Bendable Slither Figure Blindbag can be bought for around £3.99 from all good toy shops. Again this is a must-have stocking filler this Christmas

Lastly is the 3 Pack Bendable Slithers

If you really can’t get enough of Then the 3-Pack is perfect for you. It’s only £10.99

It’s a great little gift. It Features one mystery Slither along with two already showing their true colours. These are selling out so fast due to being highly collectible toys.

Very much like the blind bags they are bendable and fun to play with other toys


We’ve been waiting for a long time for toys and they did not disappoint us.

We must say our favorite is the Mini Squishies mainly because we think the price is such a bargain for such a brilliant toy.

It’s really squishy in your hand and your little one will have hours of fun messing around with them. But the Bendable Slithers are also almost as good.

We’ve probably played with the bendable ones more in-fact because they are fantastic for role-playing. Chasing other figures around pretending snakes was after them was a laugh. toys are like no other on the market and a must buy for any fan.

Disclaimer: We was this item for an honest review. We were not paid and all views are our own.


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