Schleich Tractor with Trailer Review

We are huge fans of Schleich here at KidsPlayUK.

Because we believe in high-quality toys and we love that The Schleich Farm World collection is getting bigger and bigger.

So when the Schleich Tractor with Trailer arrived, We were pretty excited!

The tractor comes in two parts you get the main tractor itself and of course the trailer,

This Schleich product is very easy to setup and is almost ready to play with out of the box.

The tractor is really well made as you would expect from Schleich and looks better than a real tractor in our eyes. Schleich toys are so well made we believe they could last years and years without showing any signs of wear. Also Schleich’s attention to detail is always there.

You can open the tractor door so the farmer can slot in and out, And the trailer sides go up and down so you can do some fantastic roleplay with figures or animals.

Overall you get the tractor, trailer, front loader, farmer, calf, large round bale and 2 x sticker sheets

Here is what it looks like outside of the box.

We believe sometimes photos/images don’t do toys justice and we think it’s the same with this.

Our kids have loved role-playing with the tractor and having figures on the trailer going around.

Schleich’s attention to detail might get missed sometimes by parents, But children love the small things with toys such as the tractor doors opening so the farmer can climb in and out,


The Tractor with Trailer by Schleich is brilliant. The price might seem a bit much for some people but the quality of the product is so worth it. You could go out and buy two cheap Tractors for £25 and might last 12 months, We believe this would last a lifetime.

The Schleich Farm World collection just keeps getting bigger and better we wish more toy stores would give them a bigger shelf. Because Schleich is one of the best toy makers on the market today, They give children lots of opportunities for imaginative play and we love that.

This set is the ideal expansion for the Schleich farm and can be combined perfectly with their hay conveyor.

Included :

1 x tractor, 1 x trailer, 1 x front loader, 1 x farmer, 1 x calf, 1 x large round bale, 2 x sticker sheets

Price : £49.99


Where to buy :

Disclaimer: We was this item for an honest review. We were not paid and all views are our own.


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