Philips Avent launches uGrow, The FREE baby tracking app

Philips Avent, a very big leading-British baby brand has recently launched uGrow,

The first medical baby app of its kind with connected devices, that actively supports parents on their journey through pregnancy and into parenthood.

Philips Avent understands that more and more parents are turning to technology for advice. In fact, almost half see a role for connected technology in supporting them as a parent. That’s why, unlike other parenting applications, the uGrow baby app and connected products work together to collect data, track your baby’s healthy development, provide personalised guidance and celebrate key milestones.

uGrow provides reassurance for parents-to-be
Whilst many seek guidance during the early days of parenthood, a third of those planning to have a child think that information on prenatal wellness is most helpful. To provide mums and dads-to-be with useful information in the run up to the birth, uGrow features a collection of pregnancy expert articles, supported by healthcare professionals, helping you to stay one step ahead. During pregnancy, the app sends expert advice regarding the baby’s development, to help parents-to-be understand what’s happening now and what’s coming up, so they’ll always feel prepared. Then, once the baby arrives, rather than having to find a new app to support during the next stage, uGrow moves with you providing support post-birth too.

uGrow connects
By connecting to smart products, uGrow makes keeping track of your baby’s development easy and accurate. You can import data from your Philips Avent uGrow smart baby monitor via WiFi to discover whether the room temperature and humidity may be affecting your little one’s sleeping patterns. You can easily store all readings from your Philips Avent smart ear thermometer in the uGrow app, to keep track over time and share with healthcare professionals as needed.


The uGrow app is now available as a free download from IOS or Android app stores.

To download and learn more about uGrow visit the link below

The great news is that the Philips Avent uGrow app is continually evolving, so you’ll see plenty of new features and articles designed to help you and your baby on your journey


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