Parents Biggest Weaning Worries? Study by HiPP Organic

Did you know 45% of parents say healthy and nutritious baby food options are a priority, Knowing how to get their child to accept different textures is a key parental concern and Almost half (46%) of parents worry that they are not supporting their child’s nutritional needs

Weaning is a massively key milestone in a baby’s development, however, new research reveals the process can be a stressful stage for parents.

The study by HiPP Organic, Into weaning challenges faced by parents, finds 46% of those polled worry that they are not supporting their child’s nutritional needs. Almost half (47%) of parents have difficulty getting their baby to eat a variety of different foods.

The ingredients for successful weaning?

When asked about the most important factor when buying baby food, three-quarters (76%) of parents say good quality ingredients are essential. HiPP Organic jars are made with the finest organic ingredients that are gently steam cooked to maintain all the goodness and flavour for babies. The introduction of HiPP Organic ‘Pure Vegetable’ jars gives parents the option to choose a product that contain quality, organic vegetables which are finely pureed, resulting in the perfect consistency for babies moving from milk on to solids.

A further 45% of parents think healthy and nutritious feeding options are the most important factor when weaning. The new jars show highly visual images of the jar ingredients, are organic and feature clear age and nutritional labelling, so parents can be sure they know exactly what they are feeding their baby.

Weaning milestones

In terms of the biggest worries parents have while weaning, over half (55%) are concerned whether their baby is reaching developmental milestones at the right time. HiPP Organic has recently made several improvements to its much-loved range of jars to make weaning easier for parents and deliciously tasty for baby. HiPP Organic is committed to helping babies develop in the best possible way, which is why the new jars have an improved shape, offering a wide range of benefits to help both parent and baby throughout their weaning journey.

Feeding from a spoon has been shown to help with the development of important motor skills, including helping babies with coordination. The new shape of the HiPP Organic jar boasts a wider neck, allowing easier access to the full contents of the jar – your baby won’t want to leave any behind!

HiPP Organic research also finds that one in five (19%) parents are concerned about knowing when and how to get their baby to accept different textures. It is reccomended that baby should be introduced to soft lumps from seven months as this helps encourage healthy feeding patterns later in life. Jars are great for encouraging different textures and give little ones the best start in promoting good oral motor function.

The importance of flavour

New flavours are an important factor, with a third (33%) of parents encouraging their baby to try new tastes daily.

As the only large, family-run company in baby food, HiPP Organic is passionate about providing parents with great tasting, nutritionally balanced, quality foods for their children that is prepared to perfection and provides the very best for every stage of weaning.

The research was conducted by Censuswide on a sample of 503 parents with children under 6 in April 2017

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We was not paid for this post, As new parents, we thought others like us would find it interesting.


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