Ooshies Disney Princess Series 1 Review

Guess what? Your favorite characters have been officially ooshed!

If you don’t know what Ooshies are then let us tell you, Ooshies are squishy fun mini figures of your favourite licensed characters, You can play with them as small figures but you can also double up as pencil toppers. Loads to collect rare & limited edition of course! Oh and don’t forget some of them glow in the dark!

Find out more about Ooshies! Right here at http://vividtoysandgames.co.uk/ooshies/

Today we’re going to be reviewing Series 1 of Disney Princess Ooshies,

The first great thing about Ooshies they come for any budget you want.

You can pick up the following.

Disney Princess Ooshies Blind Bag for £1.99 + 1 Ooshie Included
Disney Princess Ooshies Pencil Toppers 4 Pack for £5.99 + 4 Ooshies Included
Disney Princess Ooshies Pencil Toppers 7 Pack for £9.99 + 7 Ooshies Included

In the Blind bag it pretty much does what it says on the pack, It includes 1 Ooshie and of course you have no idea who until you open.

The other 4 and 7 packs are slightly different. they include 3 and 6 Ooshies as seen above but also include a small blind bag at the bottom, So you don’t miss out on the fun of opening a surprise. Great idea by them!, As kids love to open a surprise and might want to opt for blind bag rather than a pack because of it!

So there are loads to collect 40 to be exact! Common, Rare and Limited Edition’s

Now want to see some of our role playing?# Evil Queen bossing Dopey, Grumpy and Doc around as normal

Dopey, Grumpy and Doc, Playing who-can stay on the box. (Throwing balls at them!)

Overall we are really Impressed with Ooshies, Why? Because they are not just pencil toppers, They are squishy figures can you can collect and make lots of games with for a bargain of a price,

We’ve played Board Games, Thow the Ooshie off the box and much more over the past few weeks with ours.

Of course, they can be used for Pencil toppers when the kids want to show them off to their friends too! because we think they are honestly worth showing off.

Ooshies can be bought in lots of Toy store find out where to buy right here http://vividtoysandgmes.co.uk/where-to-buy/

Disclaimer: We was sent this item for an honest review. We were not paid and all views are our own.


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