Official Miffy Books Review

Did you know that Miffy has been around for over sixty years now, and her books have sold over 85 million copies worldwide?

Not just a small female rabbit eh. In fact, They’ve been translated into over 50 languages, and to date have reached over three generations of children.

Dick Bruna’s famous artwork is accompanied by new text from the award-winning poet, Tony Mitton. Working closely with the Dutch publisher so they retain the classic feel of the stories, these books are bursting with warmth and friendliness.

I’ll be honest these are the first Miffy books the kids had ever read and it’s a really nice variety of themes. Birthday, Flying and Tents

What we love straight away with Miffy is the simplicity, The books are small clean, straight the point with lovely text and photos.

We were lucky enough to review 3 of the Miffy titles they were.

Miffy’s Birthday Book, Miffy Goes Flying Book and Miffy in the tent,

They all range from 12-15 pages long, We honestly think it’s the perfect story book to read to any child. out of the three books we reviewed.

We found Miffy Goes Flying the best, It’s about Miffy’s uncle that has come to visit and is going to take her on a trip. They fly up high and see the world from up and above.

Overall we will definitely be getting more Miffy books in the near future as we enjoyed these three titles.

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