Nintendo prepares Online Service with Downtime

Nintendo Switch fans are in for some multiplayer disruptions this coming week,

The Nintendo Switch will be offline for two hours from midnight until 2am on Tuesday, April 18. For US Switch users, this means no multiplayer from 5pm (PT) until 7pm on April 17.

According to Nintendo, “some network services may become unavailable”, including online play and rankings.

There’s an even bigger disruption on Wednesday, April 19, when the Switch, Wii U and 3DS will all be taken offline for maintenance.

It begins at 6.45pm (PT) and runs until 8pm (PT), which means UK users won’t be affected until 1.45am until 3am on April 20.

It’s been reported that it’s possible Nintendo is laying the foundations for the Nintendo Switch Online Service, which is scheduled to launch this autumn.

Source : Nintendo

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