Monopoly Gamer Review

Monopoly, A board game that every family knows joins with Gamer, Something almost likely every family has. Introducing Monopoly Gamer by Hasbro

When we found out early in the year that Monopoly was coming out as ‘Monopoly Gamer Super Mario’ we just couldn’t wait to try it out as huge Monopoly and Nintendo fans already.

The real question is would adding Mario to Monopoly be fun and fantastic or would it make it to hard to play? Let’s find out!

With Monopoly Gamer, you’ll notice straight away Instead of standard Monopoly tokens such as the Car, Boat, The gamer edition features super cool looking Nintendo characters, such as Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong, Each of the four characters has a Super ability, activated when they land on a special space on the board.

Mario rolls the game’s numbered die and collects that many coins from the bank. Princess Peach collects rent on all properties she owns. Yoshi collects all coins on the board, and Donkey Kong steals three coins from each player.

Included in the box is Gameboard, 4 Nintendo Character tokens (Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong), 4 Character cards, 4 Reminder cards, 8 Boss cards, 16 Title Deed cards, 1 Numbered die, 1 Power -up die, 90 coins, and game guide,

After opening up the board game on Monopoly Gamer you’ll notice it has much fewer properties and spaces to buy compared to the classic game, With only 16 instead of the normal 28 properties.

Then we have the dice. Instead of the standard six siders in Monopoly, Monopoly Gamer comes with one standard dice and one special power-up dice.

Because of this, you’ll also notice Instead of the famous Chance Cards and Community Chest Cards in Monopoly Gamer they are replaced with Boss card, Boss Card is different to the classic Community Chest and Chance but something MUCH better! Everything is explained in the instructions

But there are eight boss battle cards in the game, which the players must fight in order to play the game.

After setting up and going with a character each, We found it pretty easy to play.

Same as the normal monopoly. Each Character starts on GO but with a Character’s card and a Reminder Card. Then start each player with 5 Golden Coins worth 1 each and 1 Five Coin worth 5 each.

If you’re still unsure how Monopoly Gamer works you can watch the video from the Hasbro YouTube page to explain how it all works.


Hasbro has brought out a few branded versions of the classic board game over the years. But Monopoly Gamer is something completely different and we’ve loved every second with it.

With token-specific abilities, power-up dice and boss fights, There seems like there’s more going on but not too much to confuse you.

an extra bonus is that you can buy extra character packs, But we’re yet to find these in the shops near us but can be found on eBay

This is a must-have for any Monopoly or boardgame fan and would be a perfect Christmas present.


  • Features Nintendo’s Super Mario characters
  • Coins replace Monopoly money
  • Power-up die activates special abilities
  • Battle legendary Bosses
  • 2-4 Players

#Price & Where to Buy

RRP £29.99

Smyths, Toys R Us, Argos, and other good toy retailers.

Disclaimer: We was this item for an honest review. We were not paid and all views are our own.


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