Mix It Magazine Review

Mix It Magazine is the brand new and totally unique multi-character magazine for girls around the ages of 4-9.

Even though we’re in 2017 there seems to be a lack of Girl magazines that are aimed at this age group, I should know I’m a dad of 3 girls aged 4,5 and 8! We received Issue 1 and Issue 2 in the post and the girls couldn’t wait to open them

Issue 1 you get some fantastic free stuff not only do you get the Magazine but you get Shopkins and Beauty and the beast cards, 36 Child safe nail varnish and nails stickers set,

The Magazine really does have a great selection of the most popular brands of there age group including ones like Powerpuff Girls, Glimmies, Shopkins Shoppies, L.O.L. Surprise!, DC Super Hero Girls, Lego Friends, Little Live Pets, Molang and even more. In addition, Of course, it includes exclusive content from top vloggers Emily Tube and Creative Celeste.

Issue 2 you also get some decent stuff, You get again, of course, the Magazine but also Dance wand & Accessories! and guess what? It’s on sale starting today! July 20th!


What I love about the magazine is when I first looked through it with both of the girls they recognized almost everything on every page, So it was great to read and see something they were both interested very much in, The 4-year-old noticed characters such as Masha and the Bear and Shopkins, and the 8-year-old noticed something like Shopkins,Lego Friends and vloggers called Emily Tube

What makes different from other magazines? 

It has loads of stuff kids can relate to and do inside. including stories, quizzes, cartoons, things to make, bake and do, collectable posters, games and more!

It’s built for an age group that girls can relate to and enjoy, It’s perfect if your daughter is aged between 3-9

So what makes Mixit stand out from the crowd?

It’s a toy and digital-led girls’ magazine, with a strong focus on collectables and ‘unboxing’. It exclusively features key influencers and box-openers from the vlogging community, Emily Tube and Creative Celeste

Of course, the ‘extra’ free stuff such as the Dance wand & Accessories also is brilliant!

Published by DJ Murphy, Mix It magazine is priced at £3.65. Issue 2 is on sale from the 20th of July 2017 and issue 3 will be on sale from the 10th of August 2017 (We can’t wait for that one!)

If you want to Buy or find out more about Mix It Magazine visit http://djmurphy.co.uk/publications/magazines/mixit-magazine/

Disclaimer: We was sent this both issues for an honest review. All views are our own.

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