Magic Tracks Track Kit Review

You may have seen the TV adverts for Magic Tracks or you might have been to Smyths Toys in the past few months and seen it on display

As there is normally kids and adults trying out there display demo. Magic Tracks is super fun easy track system for race cars.

I think like most people we’ve owned a few car tracks in our time… But Magic Tracks is different.

It does a lot of stuff. It Bends, glows and is super flexible and did we mention it’s cheap?! Also, you can buy add-ons to make it bigger!

The Magic Tracks Starter Kit comes with 220 pieces of track, Which the box says is 11ft of track

You can customise your car and track to how you want. Building it is so easy. Even our 4-year-old was doing it after half hour.

And you can color it how you want. Green, Yellow, Blue, Red the choice is yours!

The great thing about the Magic Tracks is that the starter set includes everything you need, You don’t have to buy extra cars or tracks if you didn’t want to. You can have more than enough fun with the 220 pieces included.

Young racing fans and parents will have so much with this, You can Curve the track to make hills, Or like us use anything in the living room or bedroom and you’ll have hours of fun going over random stuff.

The photo below makes the track look slightly small only because we only used about 70% of the pieces in this one.

The other 30% was making the hamster wheel!

Build your race track and shut out the lights to see it glow in red and blue!

The red race car included in the Magic Tracks Track Kit lights up with the track for an even brighter racing experience.

Believe it or not, Magic Tracks isn’t just a track set. You can do all kinds of tricks with it too!

Our oldest child knew what we could do with Magic Tracks before we even opened it and for the last few days, we’ve had these images seen below flying around our room.


The Magic Tracks Starter Kit is a fantastic gift for any young or even old racing fan. It’s such a bargain at £19.99 it would be a crime not to add it to our Christmas Gift Guide.

The track pieces click together very easily, Even our 4-year-old was doing it! If you live in a small house don’t worry too much because you can pretty much bend the track any direction you want. We even had it going over shoes at one point for ramps!

Magic Tracks has been a huge success here at KidsPlayUK…. Now time for the Accessory Pack!


  • Glow-in-the-dark track set
  • Bend and flexes for a 3D track
  • Roll away storage
  • Contents: 11ft of track and a car
  • Batteries required: 3 x AAA (not included)

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Disclaimer: We was this item for an honest review. We were not paid and all views are our own.


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