Lottie Doll Muddy Puddles Review

Lottie is a neat pretty unique doll that stands on her own two feet and stands out from the current small-doll range At 18cm tall she’s just the right size for little hands!

When it’s raining outside kids love playing with small dolls in their little house. But the quality of smaller type dolls over the past 10 years have gone down,

Thankfully Lottie has come up with Lottie Dolls! and we’ve taken a grand look into Lottie Doll Muddy Puddles

Shes’s simple and easy to dress and undress, Amelia My daughter is 5 years old and had no problem in this department and didn’t even ask for any help!

Unlike some doll manufacturers out there soon as you undress the doll you can tell it looks cheap but with Lottie, It’s built with fantastic quality,

Lottie’s market seems to be high quality, not these 3 for £10 in supermarkets and There are also currently just over 20 dolls to collect.

Movement and flexibility are key in dolls. Because kids love playing with their dolls and want them to be movable as possible but not so they can break.

With Lottie, her head moves lovely side to side for those role-playing times.  Arms move up and down no jointed elbows! She bends at the waist so she can sit and listen to stories.

And her legs split easily front to back and side to side, She’s also the perfect size to take out-and-about!

Another great feature of Lottie is her hair, It’s super soft and doesn’t tangle and knot like other dolls. I think we can safely say we’ve all had a doll with crazy hair. But Lottie remains soft and silky.

The Muddy Puddle Lottie Includes some great little Accessories such as

  • Yellow hooded raincoat with blue striped lining
  • Rain boots
  • A long sleeved t-shirt
  • Corduroy shorts
  • Striped leggings

One thing you notice straight away when you get or see the Lottie range is the bright and colorful Lottie doll packaging, It has been specifically designed with the aim of lessening the use of excessive plastic blister packaging and tricky wire ties that are frustratingly annoying and time-consuming to open.

Fact of the review: Apparently, Arklu(Lottie) carried out 18 months of research working with kids, parents, retailers, industry experts, child psychologists and child nutrition experts, leading to the generation of over 100 action points which have been incorporated into Lottie’s development.


  • Age group: 3-9
  • 18cm tall, portable and easy for to carry around
  • Stands on feet with shoes
  • Easy to dress and undress
  • Bendable knees with ball socket hips and arms
  • Presented in a giftable, illustrated and collectible doll box bag, with minimal plastic packaging
  • Recommended Age: 3 Years +

Overall Lottie’s are adorable looking dolls and we can’t wait to build our collection more! Keep checking back as will be sure to review more Lottie stuff in the near future If you want to order your own visit https://uk.lottie.com

Do us a favor after you’ve ordered yourself a Lottie and fell in love with its quality, Tweet out the big retailers such as Toys R us and Smyths, They need to stock these!

Disclaimer: This Lottie Doll were sent to us for an honest review. We were not paid and all views are my own.

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