Little Tikes Top Toys over £100 this Christmas

So Christmas is around the corner and Santa’s little helpers at Little Tikes have been working away in their workshop all year to bring you the best toys. Afterall it’s likely that something Little Tikes will be on every Christmas list again this festive season!

So we’re going to cut this into two parts. First up is Little Tikes Top Toys over £100,

Check back soon to see our Little Tikes Top Toys under £100

Little Tikes Cook ‘n Learn Kitchen (£149.99, Age: 2+)

Learning to cook has never been so fun, with this deluxe kitchen little ones can sizzle, chop and cut along with you. The Cook N’ Learn Kitchen means that they are with you every step of your meal prep, the integrated app and foldaway smartphone/tablet stand make roleplay fun! As if by magic the app instantly recognises the kitchen utensils and accessories as your little one plays, simulating sounds to match their actions. With four modes of play including free-play, recipes, games and songs and music, cooking has never been so fun for your little ones. The oven even has a working led light to make little ones really believe in their culinary creations!

Princess Horse and Carriage (RRP: £109.99) Age 1+ years

With a beautiful white horse leading the way encouraging imaginative and active play, the Princess Horse & Carriage is the ultimate fantasy experience. The carriage has its very own reins and makes a life like ‘clip-clop’ sound when on the move. The newest addition to Little Tikes hero Cozy Coupe® range, with over 10 variations to choose from.

2 in 1 Food Truck (£120.99, Age: 2+)

2 in 1 Food Truck (£120.99, Age: 2+) Hit the road with the ultimate pitstop fun! The 2-in-1 Food Truck offers reversible sweet/savoury signage dependent on whether your little one would rather serve hot dogs or ice creams today! The chalkboard even allows you to create your own menus! That’s not all, the 2-in-1 Food Truck also comes complete with a cash register, order notepad and ‘order up’ bell to make play even more fun! Little ones can whip up their own Cook Up Creations with a play soda fountain, oven, microwave and fridge all to serve on the flip out serving counter! With 40 accessories included, your little one with have hours of fun.

So there you have it.

Some of the best toys for just over £100, Our pick has to be the 2 in 1 Food Truck as It’s nothing like it out currently and we think every kid would love it.

Even better, those clever elves at Team Tikes have taken all of the stress out of Christmas shopping with delivery straight to your door. Just visit


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