Little Brian Paint Sticks Review


If you have kids you know paint is brilliant and important but far too messy sometimes, I mean it’s not just the paint It’s the water the brush the tubs. It’s everything for outside but not inside.

When I saw the Little Brian Paint Sticks in Asda I thought they looked pretty cool with colorful packaging and eye-catching for sure, You can clearly see what the product is from a distance but I really wanted to see if they were like real paint.

Firstly after unboxing I noticed the Paint Stick’s are like crayons but with paint, But straight away I seen how easy they were to use, All they have to do is pop off the lid, twist up the stick of paint inside, then draw and draw,  Instructions are included and super easy to follow if you need too.

And guess what? These things are perfect for traveling and keeping the kids entertained while waiting for meals.

Fair play the Paint Sticks from Little Brian are brilliant and pretty much what they say on the box – sticks of paint. They require no water to use and no paint to tip out and no extra brushes to buy but if you wanted you can mix them with water, You can even use them with stamps. Just wet the stamp apply paint stick color to moist stamp and stamp away so with these you get the best of both worlds.

The Paint Sticks have certainly made me more open painting around the house and I’m super glad we gave them a go. I am still so amazed at how easy, safe and mess-free these things are now all I need is a case to put them in. I might even let them go over the grandparent’s house!

They come in two packs 6 or 12 and are really good quality they retail for £4.99 and £7.99 depending on what pack you pick, But don’t worry they last much longer than you would expect, We’ve been using them daily and out and about for the past week and still have a lot of each stick left but I’ve kinda wanted to go and get more as they are a godsend for traveling and never want to run out!


Watch our unboxing video and a demo below!

Disclosure: we were sent Little Brian Paint Sticks for review. No payment was received for this post. All posts are 100% honest


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