Introducing the NEW and improved range of HiPP Organic jars

With babies It all starts with jars after 4 months we’re proud to be Introducing the NEW and improved range of HiPP Organic jars, We know weaning can be a hard journey but hopefully with HiPP’s new range, it will ease that.

Recently HiPP Organic has improved its much-loved range of jars to make weaning easier for parents and deliciously tasty for baby. With an exciting new look and age-appropriate formats, the range now includes a mix of improved recipes and scrumptious new flavours to keep little ones happy and healthy throughout their entire weaning journey.

HiPP Organic really is committed to helping babies develop in the best possible way, which is why the new jars have an improved shape, offering a wide range of benefits when weaning.

⦁ Healthy eating habits – The new jar shape boasts a wider neck, allowing easier spoon access to the full contents of the jar – baby won’t want to leave any behind!
⦁ Aids development – The jar and spoon method of feeding has been proven to not only help develop motor skills, but also help babies with coordination, sucking, biting and chewing
⦁ Age appropriate – The new HiPP Organic jars are portioned specifically to align with the total recommended energy requirements for each stage of weaning
Easy feeding – The 100% recyclable jars are safe to warm up in a microwave before feeding, so babies can enjoy their meal hot or cold
⦁ Simpler shopping – HiPP Organic jars now feature a clear, bright design making it easy for parents to see the variety of ingredients included. The new look jars also make the baby food aisle easier to navigate, with clear age markings, ingredients list and nutritional labelling

New tastes, new flavours
Introducing the new HiPP Organic 100% Fruit and Breakfast Jars featuring exciting new flavours such as ‘Apple, Banana and Blackcurrant’ and ‘Banana Rice Breakfast’ – all suitable for babies from four months. These yummy jars contain nothing but delicious organic fruit and have no added sugar, making them ideal for the first stage of weaning and a perfect start to the day.

As the only large, family-run company in baby food, HiPP Organic is passionate about providing parents with great tasting, nutritionally balanced, quality foods for their children. Trusted by parents for over 50 years, each jar is nutritionally tailored, prepared to perfection and provides the very best texture and ingredients for every stage of weaning.

100% Fruit & Breakfast Jars:
⦁ NEW Banana Rice Breakfast
⦁ NEW Pear & Peach Breakfast
⦁ NEW Banana, Pear & Mango – 100% Fruit
⦁ NEW Apple, Banana & Blackcurrant – 100% Fruit
⦁ Apple & Blueberry – 100% Fruit
⦁ Banana & Peach – 100% Fruit
⦁ Apple & Pear – 100% Fruit
⦁ Banana Yoghurt Breakfast
⦁ Creamy Porridge Breakfast
⦁ Strawberry Layer Yoghurt
⦁ Tropical Layer Yoghurt

HiPP Organic knows that both nutrition and quality are important to parents, which is why the new jars align completely with the NHS weaning roadmap.

For more advice on weaning, visit the HiPP Organic website,


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