Hatchimals Surpise Hatching at The Entertainer

The hit toy of 2016, Hatchimals, looks set to make a spectacular comeback this Christmas with a brand new addition, Hatchimals Surprise! In every toy shop across the country,

The Entertainer will be showcasing the hatchings which are due to take place at around 2pm Saturday 07/10/2017, So it’s your chance to pop along to witness this moment in history!

As the name indicates, all stores are set for a HUGE surprise with Hatchimals this year and although the details are still under wraps, all will be revealed at the live hatchings in store – do you have any idea what the surprise may be?


The toy, which was a sell-out success last year, is predicted to be as equally popular with children across the country this Christmas. Hatchimals are magical creatures that arrive in a colourful speckled egg. Once you remove the

Once you remove the Hatchimal from its packaging, the exciting hatching process begins! What’s more, these cute and colourful creatures encourage children to care for them as they require looking after, feeding, playing with and cuddling.

The Entertainer’s Play Expert, Katie Gritt comments, “Hatchimals were a huge success last year and are set to keep that popularity in 2017. The combination of a lovable character with great technology will make it a sure-fire success for girls and boys this year.  We are so thrilled that the Hatchimals are going to hatch in our stores and it should be an event everyone enjoys.”

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