FurReal Friends ‘Roarin’ Tyler Review

FurReal Friends ‘Roarin’ Tyler was recently voted in the ‘My best friend’ category in the Toy Retailers DreamToys event. Plus it’s one of ‘Christmas 2017 Must Have Toys’

And it’s not hard to see why. Roarin Tyler by Hasbro has loads of fun stuff to do with many features that kids would enjoy.

Here’s what he looks like inside the box, Waiting to be played with of course….

Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger is ready to play in 2017… and his favorite way to play is to ROAR of course.

You can make a loud or quite ROAR depending what mood your child is in and he will ROAR back. Or if your little one is in the talking mood that’s fine too because talk to him and he responds! This big tiger has over 100+ sound-and-motion combinations,

He doesn’t just respond to sounds he also responds to touch too so if you’re not in the talking mood the Roarin Tyler will always be there. Pet his lovely soft head and his eyes might just close or you can have some fun and pet him on his muzzle and he moves!

If you want to have more fun try and tickle his tummy he loves that. And when he’s not playing and roaring, Tyler loves nothing more than hugs and cuddles just like a real animal.

When our kids turned ROARING TYLER THE TIGER on he let out the most adorable yawn showing his little mouth full of teeth, he moved into a crouching position to stretch out, moving his neck and blinking his big green sleepy eyes awake, he was then ready to play.

The Roarin’ Tyler Even has a little bright yellow chicken toy that he instantly responds to when hearing it squeak so it can feel like you’ve got a real pet in your home without any of the worries of Pet Insurance or someone having to watch it while you go away. You can take the Roaring Tyler away without asking if they take pets!

When they gave the yellow chicken a squeeze Tylers ears perked up and he crouched down ready to play. When you put the chicken into tylers mouth he will chew on it as a treat.

Chicken Toy

With lifelike features and motions, Tyler gives kids the thrill of having a real life tiger right in their playroom and with his poseable back legs, he can be hugged and cuddled in the perfect way.

What we love with Hasbro and FurReal is the quality. Everything about ‘FurReal Friends ‘Roarin’ Tyler’ screams quality from the moment you see the box.

His fur is soft, It’s like one of those blankets you buy to cuddle up to in the winter nights. And did we mention his feet look like a real pet?


FurReal Friends ‘Roarin’ Tyler is brilliant. He has so many features that our kids loved from speaking to him to watching him react to his toy it’s been great fun.

We now know why every person is raving on about the toy this Christmas. Forget every other toy you have in your head this is the one to have this Christmas!

Don’t buy a real pet, Just buy Tyler because he’s an exotic, fun-lovin’ pet with no need to look after – Don’t tell him we said that!


Includes pet, squeaky toy, and instructions.

• Tiger pet responds to sounds
• 100+ sound & motion combinations
• Reacts to his squeaky toy

• Ages 4 and up
• 4 x 1.5v C alkaline batteries required. Not included.

#Price & Where to Buy

Price £99.99 / You can buy this from Smyths, Argos, Toys R Us and any other good toy stores.


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