Drumond Park Crazy Claw Review

Crazy Claw is a highly addictive raucous arcade-style game where players take turns to use the ‘Giant Claw Grabber’ and no not the one from Toy Story 2 but it does remind you about them ones in the arcades. 

Let’s start off with what’s inside the box….

Well, you have a plastic base and lid very easy to assemble, a perspex box shape, a claw, 12 lovely plastic balls, 12 tokens, four much-needed game cards and stickers and more stickers. thankfully you can design it how you want and there are no batteries! 

The game is simple and easy to jump in and is one of the best table-top game’s I’ve played since I was little. It’s mainly for two, three or four players but you could maybe let your kids play with their dolls or teddies for some fun…

You start off with each player getting issued a game card with three tokens on, Each player gets to use the Giant Claw Grabber to catch all those colored balls, Once a ball is caught you open it up to see what image is on the token inside if it matches what’s on your board you’re onto a winner. If not it’s all about keeping that clear face and not showing the people or kids around you what you had and throw it back in. The more tokens that get taken as time goes the more fun the game gets because the balls start to get empty and it’s a great laugh when you’re trying to keep a straight face deeply knowing that that person next to you needs it.

The first player to collect tokens that match the pictures of the three prizes shown on their prize card is the winner! But…. It’s not that easy, While you direct the claw the other plays are manically pressing the paddles situated on each side of the game unit to make the balls jiggle and jump everywhere but it’s good as everyone is involved even when it’s not their go.

I’ve heard some people voice their concerns in the past over the apparently flimsy clear plastic, I’ve gotta say it was simple and easy to assemble and not many concerns are needed long as you put it together correctly it’s not that ‘flimsy’ at all. I think it suits the game well.

The only disappointing thing is sometimes when using the claw you can catch your hand on the top lid and pull it off. But we just used a sticker around the top of the plastic and it’s stayed on much better than previous I would love to see a ‘Crazy Claw 2’ or a spin-off in the future.

Our kids are aged 8,5 and 3 and Crazy Claw suited them all it was the first table-top game we all enjoyed playing together. It’s pretty rare to find this and we must say it’s super and can be played in a few different ways.

Overall the game is fantastic value and worth buying, It’s ease to play and fun for everyone involved.

Want a bargain? Amazon and John Lewis currently have it on offer for just £9.99

Watch our unboxing video

Crazy Craw was provided by Drumond Park for this review.


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