Brio Railway World Deluxe Set Review

Brio, Renowned for their wooden toy trains and excellent craftsmanship, Recently they released the Brio Railway World Deluxe Set

With trains, planes sounds and lights this Brio Railway World Deluxe Set is a fun world in miniature, And if your kids love trains they will definitely fall in love with this set.

This set by Brio comes with 106 pieces, Including some really special pieces seen below. We were going to start listing some of our favorites, But we really do love the whole Brio set from the wooden plane to the boat, From the bridge to the lookout tower,

Brio has really thought of everything that kids wants to role-play in this set.

Now with every wooden train set, It’s likely some kids will want to create their own track and adventure but you’ll be glad to know even if you want it set-up the way Brio created it it’s not that hard.

Following the instructions included it took us around 15 minutes with two adults.

The Brio Railway World Deluxe Set comes packaged lovely in two green BRIO boxes, One being big and the other being small.



The packaging on the outside shows you exactly what’s inside and what’s included. Showing photos of the set on the front and all 106 pieces on the back,

Inside the two boxes is everything, And all wrapped and packaged very neatly, We would honestly say we haven’t seen any toy ever packed so well.

As we were starting to building the set it started to show how attention-to-detail Brio is. We knew already they were of the highest quality available in the toy market.

Even though this guy doesn’t look too happy we think he agrees

When we were building the set we quickly saw that Brio thought of everything from planes to boats and you get a harbor, airport, speaking station, and even a farm!

Now we really started falling in love with Brio. Because the set included everything you would like to see on a train ride.

After opening the box the kids got more and more excited and started building it before we even got to finish unwrapping all the pieces!

The BRIO Railway World Deluxe Set has many sections to it. Several infact!

There is a small port with lighthouse and fishing boat. Train station with talking billboard for London, New York, Paris and more. The airport, yes that’s right an airport with air traffic control, runway, And to add to the fun you get your very own plane. The set also has cargo sections which can lift cargo from the back of the truck with the magnets that are built into the cargo peices itself. There is a farm with cattle cars.

Overall this Brio set covers so many things and unwraps a world.

Some of the sections included in the set are interactive. The lighthouse makes a brilliant seagull sound and the boat makes noises too but these are just added extras to what already is the perfect train set for your child or children to have hours of imaginative fun.

The below video shows our girls opening and playing with the Brio Railway World Deluxe Set



The Brio Railway World Deluxe Set is out of this world and definitely the best wooden train set we’ve ever owned.

Brio screams quality from the moment you look at the box and owning this set would please any wooden train fan. They will be able to role-play pass the harbor, airport, speaking station, and farm and let’s not forget the set features both light and sound effects.

Who could resist this greatest-hits collection of our railway world? Even though the set includes 106 pieces we’ve now we’ve fallen in love with Brio and feel our collection is going to get big.

Sure it’s costly at £299.99 but we honestly think this set would last a lifetime. And if you’re looking to start you brio collection this set is perfect!

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We have been provided with the BRIO Railway World Deluxe Set for this review. All Opinions are our own.


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