BABY Born Rain Fun Shower Review

Baby Born one of the top baby doll brands in the world has recently released the BABY Born Rain Fun Shower

Every little kid loves to take their dolls in the shower. With Baby Born’s new Rain Fun Shower, they can shower their doll without having to flood the bathroom out.

It’s a real working shower for your kids and of course BABY born dolls to enjoy and here’s what it looked like boxed when it arrived.

It Includes a height adjustable so you can shower your little and big dolls.

It has a really powerful shower head for a toy, It also includes a height adjustable so you can shower your little and big dolls.

It even has a water flow regulator to make it real as can be.

But what really impressed us with the Baby Born Rain Fun Shower was the build quality.

It’s really solid for something that’s only £40 soon as it was open all my worries when away with me thinking how long is this going to last in the hands of our 4-year-old, The base is solid and that’s what we really wanted. Because if it wasn’t you would have water leaking everywhere.

And that brings me onto my other worry before opening…. leaking water

Well, you’ll be glad to know It holds water fantastically well without any leaking at all- Thanks to that solid base we think!

Sure you have some water off the doll when you get her out but that’s just like you would be getting out of a real shower.

The opening and closing door works perfectly and the additional items such as the towel and bear shaped motifs are a real bonus.

There has been Baby Baths on the market for years but it’s great to see Zapf and Baby Born become the first to make the shower and set the bar so high.

It’s simple to setup and takes around 5 minutes to put together and fill with water.

Opening the shower doors to put the doll in is very easy and works perfectly well.

The water flow regulator is brilliant. Even though all showers have them it’s not something you would expect to see on a toy

After her shower, Your little one will be able to dry her off with the towel that’s included, before getting her dressed

If you do decide to pick this up. You’ll be sure to have lots of fantastic fun with shower time!

Please note: requires 4 x AA batteries, not included.

Price: £40

Where to buy: Smyths, Toys R Us, Amazon, and other good toy retailers.


Your little boy or girl will have hours of fun playing with this Baby Born Rain Fun Shower

You don’t have to worry about them in the bathroom or flooding the floor with water anymore. They can have fun while you relax.

This really is a must-have present this Christmas for any Baby Born fan.

Disclaimer: We was sent this item for an honest review. We were not paid and all views are our own.


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