Baby Annabell Doll Review

The Baby Annabell Doll by Zapf-creation is a realistic baby-like doll available today with lifelike features and functions. It’s the closest thing to a newborn baby your daughter or son is going to get. We firmly believe this is the best doll in stores today let us tell you why….

When it first arrived, It’s fair to Katelyn Seen in the photo below was excited. She’s a massive doll fan with over 20 dolls in her room and loads of accessories, But this Baby Annabell was pretty new to her… The quality of the doll is truly brilliant.  Since the doll arrived it’s been pretty much everywhere with us and we’ve bought some Annabell accessories also such as the Baby Annabell Changing bag!

One thing we would say is definitely get the batteries for this doll, It makes it so much better with real live movements, tears and so much more!



Not only does the new baby Annabell look like a real baby but it acts just like a real baby too it has some brilliant realistic features, Like If you gently rock and sway her back and forth on the arm she slowly closes her eyes and falls asleep. Don’t worry of course she cries but the tears and purely realistic

Give her a dummy or a bottle and you’ll notice a realistic sucking noise, when she’s finished you might get a burp!

With its realistic babies like sound effects features and movements. Baby Annabell is truly a brilliant doll. Feed her that bottle and she wets her nappy or wee’s into her potty just like a real baby, Simply with a push of the heart shape button on her belly!

Baby Annabell really feels like you’re holding a newborn baby with the softness of her body and the little weight she has you are able to hold her with ease as she is quite flexible and can be positioned sitting or laying, she is super cuddly and would be a really big hit with your little one to enjoy having hours of fun with.


What’s included? Well, you get of course the Baby Annabell Doll, But you also get a Bottle, dummy, bib, nappy and a super cute pendant so your little one can always have a photograph of their favorite doll close to their heart.

It retails for around £39.99 but for the amount of stuff you get extra it’s more than a decent price.

Overall Baby Annabell is a fantastic realistic, imaginative doll with lifelike functions and should be a buy for any doll collector or lover. It would also help to train that little person in your life how to care for a baby or even train them learn parts of potty training.

Watch our little unboxing video below….

You can buy Annabel by Zapf Creations from most toy stores for £39.99. Argos / Amazon

Batteries Required: 3 x AA Batteries (not included) – The doll has 440 reviews on Argos with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Disclosure: we were sent Baby Annabel for review. No payment was received for this post. All posts are 100% honest


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