Baby Alive Snackin’ Noodles Review

Guess who’s back in the UK? It’s Baby Alive of course!

10 years ago, I remember it well we bought a doll for our oldest and it was Baby alive. then 6 years later our youngest who’s much more into dolls then our oldest ever was kept watching YouTube videos of Baby alive dolls from America. After months and months of searching, we noticed they stopped selling them in the UK for a little while and we ordered them from eBay and got them shipped. So when we got an email from Hasbro telling us they are launching Baby Alive dolls again we were so happy.

We couldn’t wait to review one of the newest ones called ‘Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Noodles’

This Baby Alive Super Snacks Doll by Hasbro is so cool, It’s a little girl who asks for her noodles! She comes with some fantastic stuff such as an extruder and a bowl so kids can load the extruder with reusable doll food to turn it into noodle shapes!

Then, Let’s not forget about that all important nappy change – kids can open the diaper to see that she’s “pooped” and clean her up for play time fun.

This Baby Alive doll also comes with a neat hair brush which is really cool for learning kids more and brushing their dolls hair but the best part of this doll is the noodle maker and the play dough!

Once the Baby Alive Snackin’ Noodles Baby doll’s tummy is full it’s time to play! Tickle her belly and she’ll start saying 20+ sounds and phrases in English or Spanish. You can flip the switch on her back to choose who she’s speaking to, either “Mommy” or “Daddy”, so girls and boys can play out fun, meal-time moments.

You can buy Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Noodles from Smyths, Argos and other good Toy Shops for around £39.99


We really enjoyed Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Noodles, Katelyn who has just turned 4 really loves Baby Alive Dolls, We have around 5 in total(imports from America) But this really is her favorite one so far, As parents we think it’s clever when a toy producer and adds stuff like ‘Nappies’ as it learns kids more about babies and what they require but adds a fun factor to it. Role Playing is always important in toys.

One thing, Please Hasbro don’t take Baby Alive away from us ever again.

#Key Features

Make noodle shapes with reusable doll food.

Doll slurps.

She “poops” and kids can change her diaper.

Says 20 plus sounds and phrases in english or spanish.

Flip switch for doll to speak to mummy or daddy.

Disclaimer: We was sent this item for an honest review. We were not paid and all views are our own.


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